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About Us

We are a relatively new but hugely experienced  advisory outfit headed by Saroj Chakraborty, the founder & Managing Consultant.  Saroj is a foods professional who has had more than three decades of work behind him in the foods sector and has worked in diverse functions thru’ various organizations ( both MNCs/Indian), geographies ( India/abroad) and categories ( matured/evolving).
To view Saroj’s profile, click on the linkedin page.

Saroj has had many occasions to hire consultants( both large firms and individuals) when he was heading businesses in the last 12 years of his professional employment . On the basis of  actual delivery vs originally- set targets for these assignments, his observations were :
  • Food/agri-products have a very differentiated and typical set of nuances and generalists  find it difficult to create sustainable value in this sector. Good knowledge of theories backed by long years of hands-on experience in the food/agri industry only can deliver the desired results.

  • The consultant needs to have a clear understanding of all the functional verticals of a foods business to be able to forecast & deliver on business lines within the time and financial boundaries.

  • There are a very, very few consultants in the food space who have these attributes to operate at the business level.

These realizations were the guiding inspiration behind the creation of our advisory firm in the foods/wellness/agri businesss space..
We are a full spectrum advisory house and offer our services in creating entry strategy, business plan, brand strategy, product/packaging R&D, sales & distribution network, regulatory framework, sourcing network and most importantly, sustainability strategy. Our advisory stands markedly differentiated where innovation is critical.

We service the requirement of our clients in the following need-spaces

  • Setting up businesses from concept to delivery for foreign food companies desirous of entering the lucrative and large Indian food & agri market.
  • Creating food /wellness/agri-businesses for Indian/foreign organizations operating in non-food businesses
  • Extension of existing foods/agri businesses into new segments/categories
  • Developing  strategies and executional models for improving existing businesses into higher performance platforms.
  • Helping international ingredient/processing equipment companies develop their business in India.

  However in very special situations, we also work on one or more functional areas mentioned above.


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