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General perception about Advisory/Consultancy

All of us are always advised…the situations only vary.

In our childhood, parents guide us…teachers are our advisors/guide in school and college …we consult and take advice from our seniors in our work-lives…doctors become our advisors when we are sick. The kings had advisors for guiding them on strategy & administration. But in all these advisors, there is one common thread …long  years of core & relevant experience.

Simillarly, many business houses seek help from advisors. Advisors are expected to be sagacious and add value that would be very expensive to create thru’ internal experimentation. There have been instances when an advisor has gone on to advise many generations in the same business group. But what is the current general perception the corporate world has of advisors/consultants ??

The word advisor or consultant creates more doubt than assurance. The common perception is that a consultant takes the learnings of the business group, understand their internal cultural dynamics and basis these, makes colorful and complex presentations to finally say what is already known by the stake-holders… but alas, with low or no value-addition. This is a general situation …but pockets of excellence do exist.

There are actually two situations, one is where the lack of knowledge/experience is managed through talking what the stakeholders want to say or hear. The other is where the advisor outsources knowledge from a third party and presents the channel information in a very authentic-sounding manner  and in most cases, they do not yield the desired results.

The prognosis of this situation is rather uncomplicated. Rhetorics and scenario-painting starts where knowledge ends. And knowledge comes only from hands-on experience and passage through long & deep grinds in various life-cycles of a business…of a relevant business ! But there is only a handful of war-veterans in every business segments….people who have worked thru’ macro & micro aspects to create/expand businesses in good times and bad times alike. Like what they say “God is in detailing’.

But where is this group with rare insights ??

It’s a tiny lot and easy to miss !


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