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Mentoring - the evolving need of business organisations

  • Today’s consumers are highly demanding and the most unforgiving when it comes to consistency in delivery of the brand promise.
  • Gone are the days when a consumer hardly bothered to write a product/service complaint and post it to the company. Sitting in the cosy comfort of the bed-room, a consumer is able to post a complaint in the company’s website or worse still, on a social media.
  • At the same time, competition in the market place in most of the categories is cut-throat and even the best is never sure of it’s position. Brand equity or  loyalty does not guarantee the smallest of leniency from the market/consumer.
  • Remaining ahead of competition in domain knowledge/executional ability has never been more essential.
  • But the attribute that is emerging as equally (if not more) critical is the stay-power of the employee in the psychological warfare within and outside the organisation, to deliver on business lines consistently.
  • In this high-pressure situation, the employee more often than not looses balance and resorts to escapism that either results in loss of the employee itself or deterioration in her/his potential. The organisation starts straying and finally, a leader becomes a distant follower.
  • The CEO/CHRO of today hardly finds time to deeply engage with the relevant cross-section of the employees to understand the input needs… for the employee to remain battle-fit. And if it’s a relatively new management  with an old set of employees or a realtively new organisation in a matured category, the CEO finds it even more difficult.
  • It is here that a third party who has best-in-class knowledge & experise in the concerned segment and is looked up to by the industry is called in as an interventionist, to adopt the critical section of the team and help them get back to battle-worthiness.
  • The target adopted members are made to go thru’ an informal process of skill strengthening and  more importantly, psychological tempering on attributes like commitment, crisis management, risk-taking  etc. over a considerable period of time. The mentor is available to them for counselling or even a casual discussion wherever and whenever, in an atmosphere of total confidentiality & trust.
  • The  adopted members (mentees) could be investors, board members, CEOs, senior managers or critical members of an important function.
  • At N&NG, Saroj takes on the mentoring assignments due to his long years thru’ various functions of food industry  in good & difficult business cycles .


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