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The N&N Global advantage

Being a full-spectrum business advisory group, there are some inherent advantages that our clients derive.

  • For a prospective new business, one of the major cost commitments is the cost of HR. And out of the HR expense, the largest component is that of the Business head/CEO. With N&NG  as an advisor, the client does not need to hurry into recruiting the CEO. Till the business is ready for launch ( in fact, stabilized)  N&NG can operate literally as a CEO-on-rent   with only few in-company resources.
  • The other huge advantage with N&NG  around is that there is no need to hire multiple functional consultants  who often work within and for their respective boundaries, loosing sight of the big picture.
  • For Foreign companies  wanting to set up business in India, N&NG  can do the entire viability study and suggest the segment/category that best fits the vision and character of the organization. This is apart from what it does for any new business as mentioned above. It can also help in getting them the best-in-class resources for legal and licensing needs.
  • For existing businesses who want entry into new segments/categories, N&NG  can do the entire spade work in consultation with the investors & the team, thus releasing precious time for the operating managers to do day-to-day management of their core business.
  • With extensive network of N&NG  in the food & peripheral industry, spotting the right source is never a worry for our clients….be it for media planning, creatives, machineries, packaging materials, ingredients or regulatory matters.
  • For Indian companies wanting to export , N&NG  can help in category & geography identification, marketing strategy, sales & distribution channel creation and even setting up a company abroad.
  • For SME businesses wanting to break into next level of performance platform, N&NG  can do a business-level and function-wise stress test and suggest the most optimum strategy to achieve the desired goal.

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